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Edible Balance

Anna from Edible Balance is a holistic health and nutrition coach with a focus on intuitive eating, natrual hormone balancing and gut health. 

She's passionate about sharing her knowledge about all things health & nutrtition with the goal of helping as many people as possible become the happiest and healthiest version of themselves.

The art of fermentation is something she's particularly excited about, as fermented foods don't only have a wide range of health benefits, but also create all kinds of exiting flavours and are cheap and easy to make at home. 

In times of antibiotics, canned foods, preservatives and disinfectants, we seem to have forgotten about these amazing probiotic cultures, the valubale vitamins and nutrients they hold and how to use and integrate them into our daily lives.

Edible Balance workshops and fun and informative and strike a balance between theoretical explanation / background information & getting your hands dirty in learning all the practical things you need to know to get started!


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