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Billion Dollar Brand Consultant | Media Host | Speaker | Hair Model

As a National Brand Ambassador, Ebony represents some of the largest brands across the globe. She has an innate knack for organically connecting with brands and key influencers.

Often referred to as the “Naked Professor” for her ability to transparently engage and extract the authenticity of her clients—to empower, transform, and renovate their core. As a result of working with her, brands are able to garner the necessary support from key influencers in order to create a global presence, increase profits, and gain the notoriety required in today’s fast paced world. While key influencers are able to use their initial brand ambassador role to develop new ones. Soon your list of Brand Ambassador opportunities fill your calendar with $2,000 paydays and unlimited respect.

She’ll show you how to easily become a guest blogger on major news and lifestyle sites like Huffington Post,, Mom’s Magazine, P&G Everyday, and others. These are today’s major media outlets that have huge audiences ranging into the millions. They are also widely quoted by other big media. That means your appearance on these sites – while easy to get – makes you an instantly famous expert who is watched and respected by potential millions.

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