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E.A.T. Foundation

E.A.T. stands for "Education and Agriculture Together".

The E.A.T. Foundation is a non-profit foundation operated by volunteers established by the Kings County Farm Bureau with the mission "To provide educators with hands-on learning in food and fiber production, agriculture technologies, and the protection of natural resources so that they are inspired to teach future generations about how vital agriculture and rural stewardship are to a healthy society."


What do we do?


We provide a 3-day, hands-on Summer Internship. This is a program that combines classroom instruction and hands-on, in-the-field experience immersing the participants in the vital world of agriculture.


We provide lodging with local farm families to enhance their personal exposure to farming and dairying, furthering a teacher's understanding of the economic relationship between the local Ag economy, the state, the nation, and the world.


We develop and provide materials to be used in the classroom which incorporate agriculture into mainstream classroom activities. Each participant can receive 2 units of continuing college educational credits.


Why do we do this?


It is our belief that the issues facing our local agricultural based economy, such as water, air quality, unemployment, a skilled work force and the environment, are not simply local issues

To truly educate people in the urban centers and locally, we must provide a hands-on experience and a chance to understand for themselves our concerns.

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