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Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre

Our Mission:


The Centre works in a progressive and collaborative manner to provide a wide range of supportive and empowering community services. This is achieved through the proactive efforts of a dedicated, client-centered and compassionate team who is committed to promoting a strong, healthy and equitable community.



Our Vision:


A leading community partner working today for a healthier tomorrow.




Clients Rights and Responsibilities:


Each client who is provided service by the Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre has the right to:


    • Be served in a courteous, respectful manner that respects their dignity, privacy and autonomy;


    • Be recognized for their individuality, needs, choices and preferences;


    • Receive information about the community services to be provided to them and by who;


    • Participate in the assessment of their needs, the development of their plan for service and any subsequent changes to the service plan;


    • Consent or refuse a community service;


    • Voice concerns or recommend changes about their community services without fear of reprisals;


    • Be informed of policies and procedures affecting their service delivery;


    • Be informed of the policies and procedures for initiating complaints about the service and the provider of the service;


    • Have their client file kept confidential;


  • View their file by request to the program coordinator.


Each client who is provided service by the Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre has the responsibility to:


    • Receive service in a courteous, respectful manner that respects the dignity of service provider;


    • Inform the service provider if the information given to them is unclear or confusing;


    • Provide the service provider with truthful and accurate information;


    • Not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while on Centre property;


  • Understand that disclosure of a client’s record is required under the following circumstances:


      • Coroner’s request, subpoena, search warrant, court order, WSIB requests, Highway Traffic Act, Child and Family Services Act, College of Physicians and Surgeons.


      • When imminent or significant harm to the client or third party could occur such as child abuse or neglect, suicide, homicide or a belief that one of these will occur.


    • When there is risk or suspected risk to the well being, development or safety of a child, such as child abuse or neglect.


    Circumstances permitting, when disclosure of a client’s record is required, the staff will attempt to inform the client of the necessity of doing so and support the client in this process.





The EORC recognizes that despite our best efforts, there may be times where an individual is not satisfied with the manner in which the Centre handles his or her personal information. We encourage you to discuss your concerns with your EORC contact. If you are not comfortable speaking with your EORC contact, you may discuss your concerns with the EORC’s Privacy Officer.


The Privacy Officer can be contacted at the address and phone number below:


Renée Ladouceur-Beauchamp

2339 Ogilvie Rd

Ottawa, ON K1J 8M6

(613) 741-6025

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