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Eagle Fish Yoga is a community and mobile yoga studio created by Alex Kazerooni, 200 RYT Vinyasa Hatha certified by Yoga Shelter, 2013, Kinesiology MS, Biomedical Engineering MS, Space Systems Engineering MSE tbd.  We serve the Ann Arbor, MI, Royal Oak, MI and soon, the Chicago, IL communities. The focus of Eagle Fish Yoga is to serve up the best, experienced based outdoor yoga during the warm seasons and personal, private yoga classes during our cooler, hibernation seasons.

Alex has recently taught his 101st yoga class over three years that include the wide variety of vinyasa hatha yoga classes - Power Yoga 'Rocket Yoga", Yoga for Runners, Slow Flow, Partner Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Wedding Day Yoga- as he works towards his 500 hour RYT certification through Moksha Yoga, planned for their early 2017 course in India. His teaching style borrows from past athletic and coaching experiences that include 24 hr. off road adventure races, lacrosse, football, coaching Women's Lacrosse Club at University of Michigan, teaching 5th graders through National Science Foundation K-12 Teaching Fellowship, training Astronauts on Human Life Science experiments at Lockheed Martin, NASA Johnson Space Center. 

The pursuit of yoga for Alex fits his educational career and space industry experience pertaining to human adaptation - adaptation of the human body to sport, to extreme environments, adaptation for survival, and of recent behavioral adaptations to stress, aging, and isolation.

The class themes leverage the elements: Space, Wind, Water, Fire and Earth. We borrow from the ancient Vedic writings and lessons and blend our presence with the latest and intriguing space science and human wellness research. Our yoga class themes borrow from Alex's personal readings that canvass the Arts -, The Art of Happiness, The Art of Meditation, The Art of Power  and contemporary readings Joy Inc., Inevitable Grace, Yoga for Emotional Balance, The Yoga Bible, Transforming Trauma through Yoga, Yoga Nidra.

The specific yoga goals have been rewards of his practice: Starting with Yoga for sharing exercise with friends at Caltech, and Yoga for Habitually Good posture, ergonomic relief and risk mitigation to prevent reoccurrence of cervical radiculopathy. Since 2013 Alex's yoga continues to evolve into yoga for personal health, cross training and community and successful applied for yoga to offset sleep deprivation and isolation and Ayurveda, medicinal nutrition and maturing his yoga for personal, peaceful balance in this Kali Yuga, age of quarrel - the mastering of breath, joining mind and body through breath, joining people in community, and relating to the union of spirituality.

Alex's greatest challenge has been overcoming a specific personal injury, cervical radiculopathy. This presented a special challenge to overcome 24 of 36 mths during doctoral training (Medical Leave of Absence) with acute pain, chronic pain, loss of 85% of upper body strength. Due to his specialization of Biomechanics and Neuromuscular and Skeletal tissue remodeling research, he was able to design and overcome what physicians and physical therapists would be a permanent loss of function. Attributing the therapy regimen to new reports at the time that intense physical rehabilitation for a prolonged period of time can have the same or greater efficacy of outcome than invasive, and experimental surgeries, as well as gratitude to the National Science Foundation, which was funding his 3rd year of doctoral studies, for granting the latitude of schedule to accommodate rehab of 6 days/week, 2x's per day, 2 hrs. /day for a full year.

The same dedication to good health, optimistic attitude, and working through the unforeseen actions of others lends to his dedication for precision of systematic breath, movement, and gaze that he shares in private yoga classes ( and the joy and laughter of his weekly community yoga classes (Ann Arbor Outdoor Yoga Meetup).  You can reach Alex through the suite of social media sites ' Eagle Fish Yoga’, Eventbrite, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Meetup, Pinterest)

Funds raised through Eagle Fish Yoga are immediately returned into the community yoga supplies 14 yoga mats, 6 pairs of blocks, 3 restorative bolsters, and cover rental costs, and continued cost of 500 hr. yoga training.



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