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Dyana Wells - Yoga Teacher and Novelist

Dyana Wells has been studying and sharing Buddhist teachings and practice for over 25 years.

She shares meditations and wisdom teachings that support our journeying to a deeper understanding of who we are. She shares traditional practices that enable us to engage life with more passion and freedom. She encourages us to live the richness of the moment with complete dispassion.  

Dyana explains: “Meditation is a way people have always quietened the minds to find their way to a deeper richer level of experience and wellbeing.

“The wellspring of life and truth lies within – as all the scriptures say it is closer to us than our hands and feet. Many of us have forgotten how to find our way there, we have forgotten the fullness of our natural state.”

Dyana offers clear teaching and guidance, which is practical, relevant and accessible. She offers a wealth of tools and techniques from her own training and study which are designed to suit every individual and situation. 

Dyana has spent her life exploring deeply, both inner and outer worlds.

She had been an avid explorer all her life, in love with life, roaming mountain tops, tussock country, forests hung heavy with snow, wilderlands with vast river valleys rolling and snaking through boulders.

She has sailed the craggy, sandy treacherous coastline of New Zealand, and journeyed on the wings of her sail over the tumultuous ocean into the pacific.

Dyana has cycled bumpy backbones of our moody planet, determined to experience life in all her seasons. Her love of life is inexhaustible, and she brings this exuberance for life into her teaching and novels.

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