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Drift Taxi

Drift Taxi is all about motorsports entertainment. In fact, we have created and cornered the Motorsports Entertainment Industry and with our professional drivers we are guaranteed to provide you with the ultimate in adrenaline-pumping, thrill-a-minute, tire smoking, engine screaming, experiences!

We have three key facets:

          1. We attend local, regional and national events and offer people rides that would otherwise be trapped on the sidelines, just watching. Imagine watching the Super Bowl or March Madness and being asked to square up with your favorite teams! This is Drift Taxi! Professional drivers, professional environment, spine-tinging adrenaline! 

          2. We host our own small events called the Drift Taxi Experience (DTEs)! With this option, persons can come out to a private track and experience Drift Taxi all to themselves! Think of it as your own personal roller-coaster park! This is the sort of thing you'll see in "Local Attractions" or "Things To Do" in a given city. You'll be able to find us on Groupon, WOOT, Amazon Local, and other fantastic hosts for local attractions and events! 

          3. We will host more traditional drifting events where other drivers can join in on the fun and drive alongside their favorite Drift Taxi! This will add to the experience as now there are other high-grade drivers out there making magic happen with cars! 

Sorry, there are no upcoming events