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DreamGalaxy TV|Studios|Labs|Advisory

We create, share, fund and secure authentic culturally relevant brands, stories, and experiences on and offline.

  • DreamGalaxy TV curates and distributes engaging educational media and supplementary learning materials for parents and educators globally in any language.
  • DreamGalaxy Studios publishes and creates branded educational media on engaging topics like Languages, Entrepreneurship, Arts, Technology and Policy.
  • DreamGalaxy Labs builds and secures future proof innovations and digital experiences or brands the put culture and humanity first.
  • DreamGalaxy Advisory provides data, intelligence and executive strategy guidance and blueprints to decision makers educating and engaging humanity for locally focused impact with global context in fourth industrial revolution.

Join us by sharing your story, sponsoring a story or creating one. We believe that everyone has (everything is) a story and that every story matters. What is your story?


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