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Dr. Tatiana H Irvin & Kristin Adams

When your soul seeks WHOLENESS and leads you on a mystical journey of full "Soul Retrieval" and asks in beckoning tones..... "what do you want... now?" 
Sometimes the soul seeks a return of HEAVEN on EARTH. A rainbow of color, and an effortless dream of beauty and loving borders between all of humanity.
This is a start.

AYA Handbags are exquisitely crafted by generational artisans and honor the materials from which they are made while harnessing the hues of a technicolor rainbow and builds bridges with our neighbors rather than walls.

Would you welcome the dream that we are dreaming, with this wistful offering? 
Inspired by the RAINBOWS and BRIDGES and LOVE for HUMANITY that "Mother AYA(husasca)" revealed while traversing her borders of Universal 
Reality and generously reminding a soul to do what we love!

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And message us directly if you would like to be added to the list for our first TRUNK SHOW MAY 5th, Cinco de Mayo! We are thrilled to share these delights with you!

With rainbows, love and bridge building,

Kristin & Tatiana

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