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Dr. Sherri Michelle


Dr. Sherri Yoder, Motivational Speaker, Writer, Learner & Developer, was born and raised in Manassas, Virginia.  From an early age, she exhibited a streak of innovation and independence that ultimately led her on a developmental life-course that provided the impetus for her life’s work: giving hope and meaning.    

Dr. Sherri pursued and completed her doctorate in Clinical Psychology to provide her with the platform to learn about the human experience, and to educate and motivate others to discover and develop paths of accomplishment, enjoyment, and hope in their daily lives.  


Dr. Sherri owned and operated a thriving traditional psychotherapy practice, which allowed her the privilege of being invited into the private worlds of hundreds.  It was during this time that Dr. Sherri discovered a common thread among all people:  the need to connect well and create meaning in every-day life. Her epiphany drove her to dissolve her psychotherapy practice and pursue speaking engagements in the community and in the workplace.  Dr. Sherri is passionate about reenergizing the way we view, and protect, our mental, emotional, and relationship health. 


Dr. Sherri maintains her Clinical Psychology license in the Commonwealth of Virginia and now brings a strengths-based, positive psychology message to the world.  It is her belief that bringing hope and meaning to an individual’s daily life will reap the benefits of effective relationships, the bedrock of success. 

Dr. Sherri is humbled every morning when she gazes upon a beautiful mountain landscape outside of her home in Strasburg, Virginia. She thrives on building relationships, especially those with her family, friends, and many she has yet to meet!  Dr. Sherri is also a recipient of hope.  The givers?  Her two gorgeous hounds, Leia and Luka! 


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