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Dr. Shane

Dr. Mark Shane and his passionate and knowledgeable team practice in Northwest Wyoming. Through his Functional Medicine expertise and continuing education and training, Dr. Shane has had the opportunity to not only serve patients locally but nationwide as well, through state of the art healing techniques and patient-centered care.

Dr. Shane is a chiropractor with 30+ years of practice experience. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Life West College of Chiropractic, and to this day regularly attends seminars to further his knowledge, expertise, and certifications to better serve his patients. He specializes in techniques such as Quantum Neurology (Certified), Chiropractic Biophysics, Functional Medicine (Certified), Clinical Nutrition and Cellular Healing. He is an expert in True Cellular Detox™ and teaches patients how to unleash this power in their own lives. 

The team is committed to helping others achieve a higher level of health so that you can create and live your best life. Their approach is ALWAYS to find the true root causes what's preventing you from achieving optimal health. They know that once the sources are addressed (and removed), the body can heal itself, without medication, through natural techniques, therapies, and solutions.

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