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Dr. Randal Henry -

 Dr. Randal Henry is the Founder/CEO and Chief Intelligence Officer of Community Intelligence - a community oriented research and evaluation consulting firm.   He has expertise in utilizing policy, programmatic, institutional and community improvements to improve public health, increase health equity and reduce health disparities in vulnerable populations.  Dr. Henry earned his doctorate of public health and master of public health degree in community health sciences from the UCLA School of Public Health. 

Community Intelligence is committed to uplifting men and boys and women and girls of color and increasing the capacity of communities, non-profit organizations, foundations, healthcare organizations and government agencies to identify and ameliorate conditions that impact public health, mental health and community well-being by responding to those conditions in innovative ways and evaluating the impact of collective efforts.  Community Intelligence works in a variety of domains including strategic planning, multisite evaluation, policy analysis, data collection and analysis and community engagement; and has topical experitise in Obesity/Physical Activity, Chronic Disease, Infectious Disease, Youth Development, Mental Health/Trauma and Injury and Violence Prevention.  






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