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Dr Pam Denton

Born to lead…Pam has known that speaking and teaching has been her calling since she was a teenage ski instructor.  She found out early in life that words can shape lives and believes in the power of communication to strengthen relationships and build success. In order to cultivate her career as a speaker and healer Pam has taken the road less travelled and stepped far outside of the box to gather information that compels people to move in new and positive directions. 


As a healer, Dr. Denton comes from a place of ultimate love and true understanding. It is repeated often “You can tell her anything!” Dr. Pam earned her Doctorate in Chiropractic as a way to help influence the lives of her patients and help people understand the innate intelligence of the body, how we heal from the inside out. She is an incredible blend of book smarts and street knowledge. You will find in the passages of her books and by hearing her stories that Pam’s personal experiences with healing include depression, marital struggles, and body issues and these real life events allow her to listen and truly hear without judgment.  She guides you from a place of heart and soul.  Her knowledge gained through schooling and training gives her the expertise to lead the conversation and movement for change in a person’s world or global community.


Dr. Denton’s Chiropractic Care, focused on mind, body and spirit, opened her eyes to the energy harnessed inside of each one of us. It was through watching people heal, evolve and grow that she discovered the strength of positive connection to the vital life force that we all hold inside of us, and she found that we all hold the power to change our habits and live from positive motivation. This exhilarating realization led Pam to create the Leadership Evolution Program and Positive Reality Productions. She believed that the world deserves to know this powerful strategy. On stage and in print, Pam has tirelessly, shared –clarifying her message, motivating, writing, speaking, and training with incredible results for those she encounters. She has come to understand her connection to energy, and through personal awakening to life purpose to be a conductor for others-connecting them to healing and as a synthesizer who can break down data into measurable and actionable information and goals.


Pam’s Leadership Evolution is real, intimate, centered on authentic relationships, and selfless.  She creates a safe space to expose the road blocks on your path, and clear them, so that you may be an empowered leader who uses proven techniques to raise performance and with this, create community evolution and change.

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