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Dr. Marci Catallo-Madruga, PT, DPT

Dr. Marci graduated from Regis University with a Clinical Doctorate in Physical Therapy in May of 2005 and has practiced in outpatient physical therapy since that time in the Denver Metro area. She has served populations from low income to professional athletes and everything in‐between. She truly enjoys spending time with her clients and getting to know them.Marci believes that the whole person is part of the injury picture, not just the current complaint they may have. There is some weakness or illness that led to the injury that occurred and finding the cause is as important as healing the injury itself.Marci States, “My favorite client is the one that comes in and gives a good history, but lets me explore the smaller things that may not seem relevant, because sometimes they are the most important.”Marci started Agility Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine because she wanted to be able to choose how she treated her clients. There are occasions where she needs more time with some people, but less time with others. She wanted to make sure that she was getting to each patient in a one‐to‐one relationship and help them “get right” so they could go back to whatever activity they were previously doing

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