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Dr. Karen M Gore'-Ministry Analyst/Consultant

Dr. Karen M. Gore’ is an ordained and licensed fivefold ministry teacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Dr. Karen M. Gore’ is the Satellite President of Adonai College of Theology, Adonai School of Ministry and holds the office CEO/ President of Lion of Judah International Ministries. As CEO and Satellite President of her ministry, she wears many hats.  She is the adjunct and senior professor for the Associates, Bachelors and Master’s degree programs, in addition to having tutored and trained more than 47 disciples (graduates) of Christ since 2012. She has successfully led them to a higher understanding of the Word of God and their personal call and responsibility to the call of the Lord today.


Dr. Gore’ is a visionary, leader and bridge builder among the ordained /licensed clergy within her community and beyond.  As a full time Hospice Chaplain and mentor her ministry with the terminally ill  includes assessing patient and family spiritual needs, developing a plan of care to meet their needs and counseling on end- of- life care. Her hospice ministry has provided a platform whereby she is able to talk to others about the eternal life that lays beyond the physical.


 Doctorate{s} in Theology and Church Leadership coupled with 20 years’ experience instructing faith-based ministries, secondary education students, securing resources and implementing effective programs has indeed set the stage for Lion of Judah International Ministries success and strong foundation for ministry, teaching and development for the church. 

Dr. Gore’ education never ends. She was the recipient of the Ann Nash scholarship from North Carolina College of Theology in 2009 and was awarded the Thesis of the Year for her Doctoral Thesis in 2011. She received her Doctorate in Theology from Higher Learning College of Theology and North Carolina College of Theology 2011 and she has earned a 2nd Doctorate in Church Leadership in May 2015.


Dr. Gore’ is a mother, friend and advocate for her beautiful daughter Ms. Morgan Alexis Gore’ of Hamden CT.

When asked what she aspires to do for the Kingdom of God… she simply says,

“To be a better servant for Christ”


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