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Dr. Jim Di Blasi, DC & Sonya Niggli, CHC @Acworth Wellness Center

Thank you for visiting this page and I want to congratulate you for taking this very important step in your journey to true health. 
If you are tired of wasting your time with "experts" who may have a degree after their name, but still give you no answers or wrong solutions that have left you still suffering, and in many cases even worse off than when you started, you're in for a treat.  
If you are ready to finally have someone who truly understands what you are going through and has real solutions to get your life back, you're in the right place.  
We are the professionals who can lead you where others have failed and guide you into a level of wellness beyond what you've ever thought.   
What we do here is totally unique.
We look forward to opening your eyes to where you can actually see a clear and joyful future.
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