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Dr. JC Doornick, Presidential Business Leader

As a practicing Health professional I fully embrace the importance of maintaining a Healthy Weight and practicing Healthy Habits to keep it off. I also understand how challenging this can be as someone that carried an extra 50lbs on me for many years, unable to shed it for more than a few months.  
Well Take Shape For Life has provided me with a simple tool to first lose the weight (50 lbs in three months), followed by some simple yet effective coaching to teach me how to keep it off and change my habits. After almost 4 years now, I have learned how to gain control over my health and live my life free from unneeded stress.  
As a Health Coach and Presidential Director with Take Shape For Life, I now have the ability to pay this secret forward to thousands of individuals with great results.  
If you are ready to reclaim your health and learn the secrets to Living a Longer Healthier Life, it would be my honor to show you how and provide a lifetime of support. Free of Charge!  
The only guarantee i can grant you is that you will get the best of me if you are willing to give the best of you!  
Yours in Health,  
Dr. JC, Presidential Director  
Take Shape For life

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