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Dr. Holly Clemens

Dr. Holly Clemens is a total wellness physician who resides in Charlotte, NC.  Dr. Clemens is a member of the Wellness Advisory Council for USA Athletes, Professional Athletes and Local Athletes.  Dr. Clemens has also traveled across the world to India & countries in South America to serve, teach and bring wellness principles to the less fortunate.  Her true passion is for the health of our next generation specializing in pregnancy and chiropractic as well as pediatric chiropractic. Dr. Clemens brings the message of true natural health and Olympic level treatment back to her practice where she teaches her patients and the community to live their optimal levels, free of medications and surgeries.  Dr. Holly is the owner of  Next Generation Health, where hundreds of families come to find true health, new-found hope and ways to maximize their lives.  Dr. Holly coaches, inspires and lives by the principle that your maximum health comes from within through nutrition, lifestyle classes, detoxification protocols and specific spinal correction this potential can be expressed.

As a past collegiate athlete and current local competitor Dr. Clemens knows what it takes to focus and work hard to achieve goals physically, mentally & nutritionally.  A noted speaker, and well-known health expert in the community, Dr. Holly works with businesses and groups including Earth Fare, Healthy Home Market, Try Sports, Crossfit, Atherton Market and Wal*mart through health screenings, nutrition/wellness workshops and recipe/cooking classes.

Dr. Holly is involved with outreach organizations such as Children’s Miracle Network, The Lift Up Foundation & Ministry and the HELP Pregnancy Center.

Dr. Holly has a passion for life that is contagious and clear through her continued efforts to reach the community with vital health principles.  She has the ability to pick people up from their current state of health physically and emotionally to pull out their real potential.

Dr. Clemens earned her Doctorate from Nationally recognized Palmer College of Chiropractic and continued to train in one of the top wellness practices in Florida before opening Nation’s Family Chiropractic.  Dr. Clemens efforts to serve her patients’ best carries on as she works on her Nutrition Diplomat. Dr. Holly is on a mission to change the state of health in the US and change the world starting here in Charlotte, NC.

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