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Dr Churchill 2020

Dr Pano Churchill is "The American Churchill" and the head of the global CHURCHILL SOCIETY, the greatest Think Tank on Politics, Business, Foreign Relations and International Trade, (this side of the pond), doing the educational work of argumentative forums like Chatham House and the Portculis House, while at the same time carrying-on the legacy of Winston Churchill's Parlamentary Democratic principles, and his High Level Diplomacy for Peace and Understanding amongst all Peoples & all Nations.

The Churchill Society [] still carries-on Winston Churchill's "Summit at Sea" and High Level Summits like the "Yalta Conference" from Winston Churchill's Summits & Conferences, that worked well to secure Victory in the Second World War. Dr Churchill does this in America, China, and beyond, through High Level Conferences, Diplomatic Congresses, various Public Forums, and TownHall meetings across the World. For listings of events near you:

Dr Churchill is a Leader, a Diplomat, a Space Cowboy, an Entrepreneur, a Businessman, a Philanthropic Leader, an Angel investor, a StartUp Innovator, and the CEO of American Angels [] that is the greatest business Angels organization to support Tech StartUps and Pharma & Medical early stage companies in the fields of Science and Technology. 

Dr Churchill in line with his grandfather Sir Winston Spencer Churchill, is a prolific Author, a Political Leader of the Lincoln Party, and a true Rennaissance Man who seeks to give back to the communty that has endowed him with much success and wealth through his acumen for High-Tech Business Enterprises, from Medicine to Space, from Software to MobileTech, from AgTech to Cryptocurrencies, and everything in between. His vision and his understandng of Innovation and early stage investment risks in Technology, BioTech, and Medicine, along with the associated risks of Venture Finance, are Dr Churchill's metier and he teaches all that in each one of his StartUp CEO masterclass, amd mastermind clinics.

AMERICAN ANGELS IS A GLOBAL NON PROFIT NETWORK OF BUSINESS EDUCATORS, LEADERS, CEOs, INVESTORS, ENTREPRENEURS & VISIONARY INNOVATORS, that organize and lead Hackathons, MaterClasses, Startup Weekends, Startup MBAs, and Tech Startups with Universities and Communities globally in order to help minorities, underprivileged, and underserved youth, & women tobecome part of the wave of Tech Start ups that we create and lead to Success.  Our focus as Entrepreneurs is on the Network for Angel Capital Funds, Crowdfunding, ESG, VC, Early Stage Technology & Science, Life Sciences, Medicine, Telecoms, FinTech, Internet & Mobile App StartUps for Internet & New MediaOur goal is to create Thousands of Great New Tech Startups, and Millions of New Jobs through Open Sourcing of ICOs.

AMERICANANGELS.NET  is also the Tech Startup community that has built the platform for all the Startup ICOs so that through this digital currency tools, and innovation we can help all the fundraising and full of promise Startups that create the jobs of the Future and fulfill the American Dream.

Along the way we might also create a few of the future Unicorns in the world of Tech and Science StartUps, becuiase at the American Angels, we are connecting and helping fund all of the StartUp Entrepreneurs, with all the Angel investors through our ICO platform.

AMERICAN ANGELS is a community of Business Angel Investors, VCs, and StartUp CEOs and it is the default network for the people that make Entrepreneurship possible in America and around the world. 

AMERICAN ANGELS supports all Start Uppers, but we are especially orientated to support women, blacks, minorities, and all those that are underepresented in the world of Technologu enterprises and startups. 

Dr Churchill is the veteran of more than a Thousand Five Hundred Startup Tech Companies and has helped countless people work in the Technology world, because of his Open Sourcing of all of his Innovations, like the community Wi-Fi, the Environmental Bonds, Green Energy Bonds, Royalty Free & Generic Medicines, Patentless Drugs, Licence-Free antibiotics for the Third World, and also Off-licence HIV drugs, and off-licence XTR Tuberculosis drugs and many other remedies of major diseases that are prohibitively expensive to treat.

Dr Churchill has been helping the global New Pharmaceutical & Life Science Medicine Tech Startup community through his open sourcing of the idea of the and the application of the Life Science Startup Weekend for the MasterClass of bbotstrapping a StartUp in the space and time of a long Weekend.

His focus now is on Advance Life Science Ventures, where he open sources all orphan drugs and generic drugs that the world needs and yet the main pharmaceutical companies make unaffordable.


And through his Medicine & Life Science startup platform activities, and funding mechanisms like the ICO platform, of the American Angels, Dr Churchill has been saving lives, while also revolutionizing the Life Science and Tech Enterpreneurial & Innovation StartUp industry in a rather spectacularly major and very significant way, towards democratizing the field of medicine, technology, innovatin and also the funding of young early stage enterprises across the board.

Dr Churchill is now the Public Speaker, Leader of the Lincoln Party, & the Independent Candidate for the U.S. Presidency, on behalf of the Independents, hoping to be sent to the other Washington, in order to lead & accomplish a rather important job: The job of allowing the unfettered Tech business innovation and the democratization of early stage StartUp finance, to blossom, and thus create many millions of new jobs, along with massive wealth and prosperity for our nation. 

Dr Churchill is also the Chairman of the independent third party: The "Lincoln Party" and he is also the President of the educational international affairs think tank & benevolent society: "The Churchill Society."

He can be reached at: One[at] 

His Twitter is: 

         Dr Pano Churchill   
               CHURCHILL SOCIETY 
           International Affairs Think Tank
Journalist at BEB, HuffPost, BBC, NYT, SFT, EN, LT, etc. Thousands of articles and speeches, on Innovation, Angel, VC, ESG Capital, Disruptive Tech, StartUps, Science, Biology, Biotechnology, Politics, Ideology, Leadership, Religion, Brain Software, MasterMind, Startup-MBA, & ICO-IPOs.
Angel Capital Funds, Crowdfunding, ESG, VC, Early Stage Technology & Science, Life Sciences, Medicine, Telecoms, FinTech, Internet & Mobile App StartUps for Internet & New MediaOur goal is to create Thousands of Great New Tech Startups, and Millions of New Jobs through Open Sourcing the Startup Entrepreneurship of Science, & Technology Innovation with the mighty DOTs.       
Brain Software, Democracy, Liberty, Carbonomics, Environmental Politics, Climate Chaos, The Pursuit of Happiness, Lincoln Caucus, Republic & Responsibility, Hacking Health, Democratizing Medicine, Empires of the Mind, KBO, Nation of Faith, The American Churchill.
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