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Dr. Brent DeLong

Dr. Brent DeLong  is a husband, father, health advocate, speaker, chiropractor and an inspired, passionate leader helping people maximized their health. As founder of DeLong Chiropractic a Maximized Living Health Center.  Dr. Brent has been leading thousands of patients to not only feel healthy but to be healthy through the Maximized Living 5 essentials.  Dr. Brent’s top priority is to give patients the most effective chiropractic corrective care and the most cutting edge information on health and wellness, through block buster events and seminars. Dr. Brent’s impact has reached far beyond his own clinic. Dr. Brent is a sought after speaker through out the community speaking at corporations, businesses, churches, gyms, clubs, and non-profits. Dr. Brent is part of the Sports Performance Council having work as part of the chiropractic team for national governing bodies; USA Wrestling, USA Martial arts, USA Judo, USA Power Lifting, USA Sprint team, LPGA, NFL Alumni association, FCA and has been the official Chiropractor for the OU Rugby team. Dr. Brent has an amazing wife that continues to inspire him every day. Dr’s Brent and Jill have recently been bless with their first child, Mckenzlie. Their passion for helping other’s maximized their health is exemplified in their own lives.



Dr. Jill DeLong has a passion for healing and helping children while educating parents on key issues involve with raising children who will live to a healthy 100! This is why she holds workshops that address topics from nutrition, weight loss, raising healthy kids, backpack safety and much more.  In 2013, Dr. Jill graduated with her doctorate of Chiropractic from the Palmer College of Chiropractic. During her time at Palmer, she traveled to Bequia where she treated and educated the underserved people of that area. During her 2 week stay in Bequia, she adjusted about 200 kids under the age of 6.  Upon returning to the states, Dr. Jill did her internship with a pediatric diplomat doctors, delivering daily adjustments to whole families.  She also had many pregnant women under care.  Today, Dr. Jill focuses on using moderate to low pressure techniques to treat pregnant women, babies and children of all ages and of course adults. She has a passion for seeing kids thrive and achieve their maximized health and wellness potential.  Also, she provides optimal care through the Five Essentials of Health: Max Mind, Max Nerve Supply, Max Nutrition, Max Oxygen through lean muscles, and Minimizing Toxins. Dr. Jill incorporates protocol from Autism Whispers, the DAN program, as well as the Maximized Living 5 Essentials to help Neuro-Sensory disorders. She has an individualized approach and uses a combination of Sacro-occipital techniques and spinal correction assist in removing interferences to her patient’s health expression. She also has extensive training in Webster Techniques. The Webster Technique is used with pregnant women to balance with pelvis and relax the round ligaments of the uterus to allow baby to move freely.  On top of her licensure, Dr. Jill is working towards her Pediatric Diplomat certification.

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