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Donald Ward and Friends.

MENTORS and MISTAKES.....Having made millions a couple times, and then realizing after taking my first Company National ( 630 Locations)..MENTORS would have been a huge help. 

So then for 20 years (800 books, 7 Billionaire Mentors, 11 MBA Brush Ups on Steroids.. pursuing Mentors in every Industry became a must. 

Every Industry has a language...and learning the language helps one to be a far more relevant Coach / Mentor in them all. Having Trusted Relationships with the Top people in each Industry adds even more Value to one's ability to help, encourage, connect, empower, build Fortune Teams and get Funded one's Clients / Friends. 

One is led by Mentors or Driven by Tormentors. The purpose of Mr Ward's Life is not just that of being a powerful Golden Connector or a Mentor, but of birthing and hyper growing Dreams and Visions. 

My Co Director Joel Griffing is all about educating, empowering, encouraging and developing people as well. His years of working with President Reagan as a close personal Adviser, the Joint Chiefs, the World Alliance of Mayors, CEOCLUBS of America, The up many avenues of opportunities for those that Invest in CEOCLUBS FLORIDA .or The Hope Collection that Joel Griffing is the Founder of, that has a Data Base of 200 Million VETS, First Responders, and Their Extended Families.


Too much to say about both these rather giving and inspiring Leaders. Like attracts Like, and this group is full of people of like mind and spirit...CEOCLUBS FLORIDA is the Secret Advisery Team you can be a part of....that no one needs to know you have.! We share who and what we know in real time.. Connecting at the speed of Thought. 

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