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Don Martinez, Ziglar Goal Setting Formula

Accelerated Conditioning™
This training program is designed to provide professional coaches and
practitioners with a basic understanding and overview of accelerated
conditioning coaching development principles and tools for use in their
coaching practice. It closely parallels the material found in the
Accelerated Conditioning Workbook created at the advantage coaching
network by Don Martinez MCC, MNLP/P,

It is designed to be a self-taught training program for individuals or a
Group who wish to become leaders within the coaching professional.

The training program outline lists topics and pages in the variety of
coaching Development Workbook and the Resource Manual on Infrastructure
for Accelerated Conditioning  for self-study. Additional resources are
available in the appendices of each manual.

Introduction to Your Training:
Before you start your training I wanted to give you an overview of the
process and the thinking behind the curriculum. Often, students are asked
to work hard for years and are never allowed to question their teachers.
Even if they don’t understand why they are doing something, they are
encouraged to keep silent and trust the teacher blindly. I don’t intend to
ridicule any other teaching methods throughout the course of this
training; however, I do want you to always know why I am asking you to do
something. Before you even put down your first pencil stroke I want to
make sure that you understand the reason and necessity to do so.

The training you will be receiving from me is rooted heavily in the
classical tradition, but I do not teach a particular “method”. My goal as
a teacher is to give students, in a logical way, the information and
skills they need to be great artists. If I feel something is useful and
works then I will use it. If I don’t think something is useful and is
considered “busy work” than I will not use it. First and foremost I want
you to know that my goal is to have you understand what you are doing, why
you are doing it, and how to go about accomplishing it.

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