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Do It In Person


We are living in an era where technology, specifically the Internet and social media, plays a large role in our daily communications.  From research and online media outlets to food and online grocery shopping, we are no longer required to step foot outside of our homes to perform many tasks.  Social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have been added to the arsenal of tools we use for networking and marketing; however, many fear that our increased reliance on these social sites will result in the loss of the human experience and connection.

This blog’s purpose is to serve as a reminder that some things just aren’t as good on the web. Personal interaction can never be replaced. The level of energy, collaboration and impact that occurs because of personal, face-to-face, relationship building is unmatched.  The Internet and social media serve as vehicles to open the door for becoming a part of the conversation, engaging, and making a difference; however, they are not replacements for action.  While business deals and relationships might be initiated online, they are strengthened and created into dynamic, long-term associations in person.  One of our goals is to provide information that refreshes and reconnects people with the necessary skills to create these relationships, as well as changing the perception of “networking.  We will offer topics that foster the discussion where it is better to Do It In Person.

Don’t get us wrong and think we are anti-technology, we just believe that some things require more than a tweet or email. We hope this blog can be a sounding board for things that require personal interaction and creates a forum for people to, no matter what the subject area may be, Do It In Person; because some things just aren’t as good on the web!

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