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      DJing is not about just playing songs or beat matching. It is about constructing a ultimate set during the current situation while keeping the crowd entertained. A set has to have progression that flows concurrently. A set should always contain undiscovered songs.

          The foundation of my sets is curation of hot undiscovered music. I believe it is a DJ's duty to show the world new hot music they have not yet herd. What is the point of playing top 40 songs? The reason why a song is at top 40 is because everyone has already herd it and is nothing new. 

           One of the challenges of DJing is to give the crowd something they did not know they love yet. The second challenge is to keep them interested. My sets out with lower energy levels with emphasize on aesthetics to get peoples attention. Then as the set progresses, the energy level to continues build up keeping the crowd wanting more. Then eventually it will build into that peak of energy release moment when everyone screams. This is the best spot to drop a new hot track that is flamboyant and everyone will get euphoria. 

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