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Bridging the gap between education, skills & employability, since inception

With 1.25 billion below the age of 25, India should have a youthful, dynamic and productive population for years to come But India faces a dire need for skill development. DIYguru, an ed-tech startup, caters to this by a platform with Online resources, Maker’s courses, DIY Tools, Workshops, Webinars and personalized mentorship by industry experts. We believe in “learn-by-doing”. We also inspire and assist in ‘Makerspaces’ to build, innovate and share ideas. DIYguru is a team of educators and engineers aiming to change modern education culture by bridging the gap between relevant education, real-world skills, and employability.

Skill based Training through Maker’s Learning approach.

Technology, Innovation and creative collaborations with experts are the foundations of DIYguru’s commitment. Instructors, trainers and mentors provide industry ready certified courses, services and experiences that deliver the desired learning outcomes with skills needed.

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