DirectorsMarketplace.ORG is a community of Qualified Independent Directors, who have a successful history of board membership in closely held, Angel/P-E/Venture backed, family owned, ESOP or other "For Profit" or "Non Profit" companies. Our purpose is to place Independent Directors on private company boards in a smooth and efficient way. Our definition of an independent director means a person who, in the past 5 years, has had no relationships whatsoever with the company’s: a) executives and staff including their families, b) vendors, c) outside professionals, or d) shareholders and their families. is a website designed for boards and their shareholders to find great candidates and advisors FOR FREE, through a carefully designed and personalized search process.  Many Private boards don't have the knowledge of the search process, and our members can be a great way to introduce independent thinking to the governing process. We also provide fiduciary/director training and board assessments to improve governance when needed, through our training websites: www.DirectorTraining.ORG and Our members enjoy private networking events and educational seminars specific for directors and their private company boards. Membership is by invitation or referral only, joining the community after a vetting process.

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