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Hey there!

Natural therapies, self care and nourishing the mind and body rank highly in what I feel is important in life (God, my family and friends being first of course).   I hope to pass this attitude onto my frends and family and be a part of the shift towards taking control of health, moods and emotions with old fashioned remedies but in a modern way...

....lets face it,  essential oils are not new! 

Therapeutic grade pure essential oils found me (again) two years ago in a whole new way (and I will never go back).  Having said that natural therapies have resonated with me and have been a part of my entire life.  I'm absoultely amazed and thrilled  that we can now access these God given treasures and have them in our home readily available to use for loads of common issues related to our health, emotions, flavoring foods and taking care of our pets.

I welcome the opportunity to share my experiences with you in anticipation that I can change lives for the better with simple, cost effective natural remedies....

...old fashioned remedies, the modern way!

I look forward to meeting with you.


If attending a class/group is not your thing,  that's OK - I get it.  Get in touch with me via facebook at Living Essentially with Diane to book a personal introduction to essential oils

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