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Dexter and Alessandrina

Dexter and Alessandrina are spiritual counselors, healers, hypnosis and past life regression therapists, and mindfulness experts with over 20 years combined experience in the wellness and mindfulness industry. 

They help people from all walks of life heal, grow, and accelerate towards their goals through a conscious approach to self-healing, belief transformation, and personal empowerment. 

They offer private and group sessions over the phone, in-person energy healing and hypnosis and past life regression therapy sessions.  They also offer training courses in life coaching, energy healing, and meditation. They host live and online workshops and events and also speak at public events. 

They have created a unique 9-week Consciousness Course aimed at helping people become unstuck, enhance all aspects of their lives and relationships, and achieve their soul’s intentions and life goals.  They have also authored 2 books, ‘Meditation Made Simple’ and ‘A Conscious Approach to Unconditional Love and Relationship Success’, and are working on a new book, ‘Pointing to the Truth.’ 

In addition to that, they have created a website with over 450 free guided meditations and mindfulness practices, each one designed for a specific purpose and benefit.  Learn more at www.dexterandalessandrina.comand

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