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Life is a journey and unpredictable journey, however it is ours to live. Each one of us have our own lives to live. Life will have you happy, sad, mad, disappointed, over joyed, and confused all within a matter of seconds. I love people and I love life! This is the reason I have embarked on this new journey. We are hurting and suffering in silence in return has hurt the human race as a whole. My desires is to assist willing people to own their happy through proper eating and instruction , meditation, natural highs, massage therapy, aroma therapy, yoga , natural detox, along number of hosted events to promote a “Happy Life”and “Your best life”!

My journey has been just that my journey, I will not complain nor will I ask why anymore! I will only embrace the fact that I am still here and totally committed to living my best life! I am to committed to keeping my peaceful place as well as my happy place! It has not been an easy journey but I have learned that if life never makes you feel uncomfortable then you have yet to experience life! It in that uncomfortable place where you have nowhere to go but up because going further down or staying down is no longer an option!

I had to hit rock bottom as well as gracefully broken before I was able to see my ugly and artificially happy life for what it really was. That was the most amazing day ever. I was a just a few months shy of turning 40! I am humbly grateful and super excited about what life has in store for me. I look at it as better late that never!!! I know how to live yall!!!! After 39 years of surviving I am living yall and living without regrets!!!

I use to be the one that would say what I want when I wanted and how I wanted without a concern how it affected the person, then was wondering why I was so heavy ! I was putting all if that negative energy into the atmosphere and expecting positive to come back! Well I am here to tell you that, that is not how it works! You get out what you put in! Stop throwing your life seeds in dead soil what I mean by this to invest in yourself as a whole place your lief seeds in good rich soil so that your harvest will be good , plentiful, hearty, fruitful, nourishing, and just all things great!!!!!! I had been for 39 years throwing my life seeds away and I knew it but I didnt know it! It’s sort of hard to explain but it’s like knew but I didn’t care....long story!!!

But I am super excited about this journey and want to take as many as possible with me! Let’s live and love on an Natural High forever...together....

Devinann... I Am


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