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DevChampions offers high-quality training courses for developers and IT professionals in the Baltics. We specialize, but are not limited to engineering practices, software architecture, automation, Agile methodologies and soft skills. We carefully choose only the best trainers, because we value your time and believe you must learn directly from industry influencers. People choose us because we offer:

The best trainers

DevChampions center is led by industry practioners (we founded Latvian Software Craftsmanship Community and DevTernity Conference). That lets us choose only the best trainers - we know those who deliver excellent training courses in person.

Theory and practice balance

Theory without practice is worthless. Nevertheless, in order to understand the topic you need to build strong theoretical foundation. Our training courses offer great mix of theory, hands-on exercises and teamwork.


For every successfully accomplished training you earn a certificate. Stay out of the crowd by sharing your achivements with prospective employers, community and peers.

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