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Determined Bodies, Determined Minds, Inc. (DBA-"Be Determined)

Determined Bodies, Determined Minds, Inc. is organized to bring awareness to health issues that affect youth and young adults due to the lack of physical exercise and poor nutritional habits.  Young people who are overweight or obese have a greater risk of developing Heart Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Cancer, Osteoarthritis, Reproductive Problems, Sleep Apnea and a host of other issues.  Our goals are to provide programs that will empower the disenfranchised youth and communities in which they live, to take their personal health seriously, become knowledgeable of health risk factors, development of life challenges that are achievable, and introduce new physical activities that will aid in future healthy habits.   We are committed to developing projects, programs, and community-based curriculums that will educate, empower, inspire, and generate “Healthy Bodies and Educated Minds.”    

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