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DeRosa I Gavia Cycling

We love cycling and believe that group rides are a wonderful way to help people become healthier while creating a strong sense of community.  

Our Team Leader, Vito Valentini, has been teaching and coaching cyclists of all levels for more than 10 years and has been a member of Gruppo Sportivo GFNY since its formation in 2011.  Vito is a USAC licensed Cycling coach and has several other cycling related certifications.

Our team of ride leaders and coaches have varied experiences related to cycling - junor racing, downhill mountain bike racing, ride leadership, time trial, track; one of us is a Super Bowl winning retired professional football player. 

We have successfully helped improve the lives of literally hundreds of people by inspiring them to become involved in the cycling lifestyle and by helping them increase their cycling skills and fitness levels beyond what they imagined they could do on their own.

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