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The Department of Ancient History at Macquarie University offers world-renowned programs at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. It has a strong and dynamic research culture comprising 43 academic staff researching and teaching ancient history with a wide range of archaeological, linguistic, textual and numismatic interests.

The department offers over forty units for study at undergraduate level and covers the antecedents of western civilisation in ancient Egypt, Israel and the Ancient Near East, and the Graeco-Roman world. Greek history is studied from Homer to the Hellenistic cultures under the Roman empire (including Judaism and early Christianity), and Roman history from the Republic to the Late Empire, the Silk Road and the Mediaeval and Byzantine periods. Egyptian history is taught from the Predynastic to the Ramesside period. Egypt's later history merges with the Greek, Roman and Coptic streams. The department also researches early religions including: Judiasm, early Christianity, and Islam.

If you are serious about studying history, archaeology and religion, this is the place to be!

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