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Denver Near Death Studies

The death experience, and similar spiritual transformative experiences, such as OBE Astral projection, ET abduction-contact, physical traumas, deep meditations, and their related psychic experiences, have stood at the core of religious traditions across cultures and centuries. In secular terms they suggest that human consciousness is greater than the brain and broader than we have believed possible; that these experiences may be quite different from its physical appearance; and that life itself cannot be fully measured by physical or material definitions. With these experiencers, we now understand the afterlife and that we continue to exist, joyously, in the afterlife. Requirements: open mind and willing attitude to learning something possibly outside your comfort zone.

Join us the second Sunday each month at the Greenwood Village City Hall, 6060 S. Quebec St. Greenwood Village, CO 80111 at 1:30pm. See our Meetup site at- Call us at 720-203-6354.

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