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Demi Pietchell and Travis Savo

Velvet Interactive Playground

Velvet Interactive Playground is a monthly interactive nightclub event founded by the merging of minds among innovative Los Angeles event promoter and experimental documentarian Demi Pietchell (; expert technologist and serial entrepreneur Travis Savo (; interactive artist, roboticist, and circus performer Eric Gradman (; local favorite deejay LRCN (, and the cutting edge art and technology laboratory Mindshare Labs ( located at the Brewery Art Colony in Los Angeles. 

Travis Savo

Travis Savo is an expert technologist and serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of hands-on experience. He has been a leader of many successful teams on many profitable multi-million dollar enterprise projects, as well as volunteering for many open-source projects and games. His background in computer science and electrical engineering, coupled with his work in the entertainment and social networking industries allows him to provide a unique perspective on the near-future possibilities of technology-based entertainment. Many of his contributions can be found in modern games and game engines, large scale enterprise web sites, and free/open source enterprise-level projects. When he's not hosting next-generation night club events, he's usually building a program that will take over the world. For more information:

Demi Pietchell

In addition to her work as an innovative event promoter in both Los Angeles and New York, Demi Pietchell is an award-winning filmmaker with sixteen years of experience as a writer, producer, director, media publicist, and mixed media artist. With a fiscal sponsorship from the Independent Film Project (IFP), she is currently in post-production on her debut feature-length experimental documentary, 057, which explores the connection between trauma narrative and collective memory via ten years of mixed media documentation of a group of friends united by tragedy in their youth. Pietchell also works as a media activist and social networking/viral marketing consultant for Howard Bloom’s Big Bang Tango Media Lab, the Space Development Steering Committee, and the National Space Society. A graduate of Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, Pietchell has a BFA in Film & Television and an MPS in Interactive Telecommunications (ITP). For more information:

Eric Gradman

Eric Gradman of Monkeys&Robots is an interactive artist, roboticist, and circus performer. He has many years experience misusing state of the art technology for entertainment purposes. He also performs with The Mutaytor and Cirque Berzerk, performance art & circus troupes in Los Angeles. For more information:

LRCN (Larson Shepherd)

LRCN’s interest in progressive trance and house music sparked his interest in Digitally Imported Radio’s Progressive Channel ( where he has become a regular since it opened. Roughly five years ago, he began as co-director for the channel, helping VP of Advertising & Program Director Johan Nilsson to gather new content, which included singles, mix submissions, and new shows. To date, LRCN has played at L.A.’s Spundae, RED, & Nikita at the venue Circus Disco, as well as the occasional cross-border gig in cities such as Minneapolis, Phoenix, Harrisburg, and Toronto. But, he is equally at home in smaller venues, raves, and house parties. When LRCN hits the decks, dancers and listeners can expect to move to the converging sounds of progressive house/trance/breaks, tech house, electro house, deep house, and/or minimal. LRCN hones his craft constantly and isn’t afraid to listen to his work critically. His online opus is impressive, which includes over 100 dance sets. For more information:

Dr. StrangeLoop (David Wexler)

Dr. StrangeLoop (Brainfeeder LA) is a Los Angeles based VJ and multi-disciplinary artist, founder of media production company Natural Media Research Labs (  Dr. StrangeLoop works in association with Brainfeeder, RaizeCollective, the Institute for Cinema Studies, Olandar Foundation.  For more information:

Zombies without Borders

Zombies without Borders is a zombie-cheerleader-themed performance art and dance troupe headed by undead circus ringleader Heathervescent, tech community evangelist and founder of Los Angeles Geek Dinner ( and her partner, choreographer and creative director Sarafina Rodriguez.  “Because zombies know no race, color or creed.  It’s all about the brains.”  For more information:

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