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Delyric Entertainment

Delyric Entertainment is a record label, distributor and consulting llc created and founded by Delyric Oracle (Alexandra De Scheel) during the end of her time working as a top executive in the industry in a label who she and her partner Adam Young (who had scouted her for talent a year prior and brought her on the label at which point they impressed their former boss enough to be made his top executives in charge of building a team and creating the label from the ground up. As they were seeing artists being taken advantage of and they themselves not being compensated or appreciated for everything they created, Alexandra had decided enough was enough and created Delyric Entertainment). She went about creating the LLC, label, setting up the distribution channel, creating the packages and services with the artist in mind, designing the logo and the website and app and a short while later, then joined by her partner to once again combine forces and become the power couple they are known in the business to be... With his sales savy and her ability to read people and strategic planning... Along with a deep care and respect for the music and culture... They went full steam ahead and haven't looked back since. 

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