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DELINDA LAYNE has been speaking and mentoring for over 25 years. Whether she is sharing her story with a large group or coaching one-on-one she helps others see that they don't have to settle and just take it, or do what everyone else thinks they should do.  They can have the life they want instead of the life they've got, when they are ready to make different choices.


She brings her wealth of experience and abounding energy to teach and engage the audience. They laugh, listen and learn how to experience more success in life and business. Motivational, inspirational and often fiercely direct, Delinda speaks truth and calls the audience to owning their choices and taking responsibility for their lives. 


Delinda has a strong background in leadership, sales, and personal development. As an entrepreneur, she has owned five Real Estate Management Companies and has been a broker in multiple states for 25+ years. 

As well, Delinda was a Pink Cadillac, Senior Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics for 20 years, leading and mentoring thousands of women, and earning multiple free cars. She also earned numerous awards and designations. In addition Delinda has written a book, Fun Fearless Female - How To LIve the Life You Want

Whether in her work or personal life Delinda operates with a strong sense of value and leads with integrity. 


Oh and did I mention Energy?  Delinda's energy and enthusiasm is contagious.

She will breathe belief into you and you will leave knowing that you can Own your Power and Change your Life.