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Bismillah! It's time to DEFINE our future. We're excited to launch an innovative afterschool program with a unique 3-tiered focus on Social, Emotional, and Ethical intelligence. What does that mean? Our original curriculum and engaging Character Coaches create an immersive environment of project-based learning where your child can develop and demonstrate leadership and strong character.

Socially, Emotionally, and Ethically intelligent children possess skills such as self-awareness, confidence, strong communications, integrity, empathy, and motivation, to name a few. According to research by the Carnegie Institute of Technology, 85% of financial success for an individual is attributed to social-emotional intelligence versus functional skills. 

Our Prophet's (Peace Be Upon Him) primary effort was on the hearts of the people. Through faith and character, he transformed his community. Today, there lacks a focus in building this crucial foundation in our youth. Children feel disconnected and are unable to internalize and bring good character to life. DEFINE is here to change that. 

As parents, we feel your pain and have carefully crafted our solutions through our part-time, full-time afterschool, and weekend school tracks to address your needs:

Pain 1: I want my child to have a proud religious identity but either can't afford the tuition of a full-time Islamic school, or the school is just not the right fit for my child.
Solution 1: Regular after-school and weekend exposure to a leadership development focused, welcoming, safe, and nurturing environment to build proud identity and meaningful expression.

Pain 2: My kids are going to Quran class and attending Sunday school, but I do not see the effect on their character.
Solution 2: High Impact Character Education (Quranic and Prophetic character infused with modern research in Social, Emotional, and Ethical intelligence) 

Pain 3: My child does not want to go to his after-school or Sunday school classes. The quality of content, teachers, and method of teaching is not innovative and engaging enough for my child.
Solution 3: Our original and signature project-based content with coordinated teacher training to engage and inspire students

Pain 4: I am tired of having to drive around after-school for Quran, Islamic studies, sports, and other extracurriculars. I wish there was one place where my child could get all of that.
Solution 4: We integrate Islamic Studies and a variety of extracurriculars, such as Arts and Physical Education, within our projects. We also offer Quran, Arabic, and Academic/Homework support so parents wanting some or all of these tracks can find them at DEFINE.

DEFINE comes from an award-winning team of educators that worked on our solutions while going through leadership training and graduate studies at some of the most prestigious schools of education: Harvard Principal's Center and the Vanderbilt Peabody College of Education.

Intrigued by our program? Parents in Valley Ranch, Irving, Coppell and surrounding cities can register here:

Based on parent demand, we could be in your community, too!

We look forward to serving you!



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