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Decade of Family

San Antonio is a rapidly growing and thriving city, yet the stability of its families is falling behind. As a result, crime rates, homelessness, and disease can increase. Decade of Family serves as a unifying force amongst our community leaders and organizations to combat the breakdown of families.

​ Our mission is to ensure every family in San Antonio is connected with basic needs to survive, practical needs to thrive, and specialized skills to flourish.

We believe that strong cities are built by strong communities, and strong communities start with strong families. By meeting families where they are, and offering assistance and encouragement, we aim to make San Antonio the "Best City to Raise a Family" by 2030.

In this ten-year span, from 2020-2030, we will develop a comprehensive and collaborative strategy that provides families of San Antonio greater access to the help, advice, support, and encouragement they need that will serve the greater good of their families, our communities, and our city.

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