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Debbie McFarland & Darlene Fountain

Ladies, you are always giving of yourselves, a little piece of you each day. It is time to restore back to who you were intended to be. Dust off your dreams, forget all the lies you have been told. You are beautiful just the way you are. You are more than enough.

Restore to Soar is bringing workshops and retreats to a beautiful, serene place right here in a quiet, little spot in Fayette County, GA. Women travel from near and far to take a break from life and reset. They learn new tools for their lives, feel nurtured in their magical surroundings, play with a little paint, take classes, make new friends, listen and share, get some glue on their fingertips, eat good food, laugh ’til they cry, sing around the camp fire, gaze at the stars, and just be in the moment. Just because paint and glue sticks are involved, don't let that scare you away! This is not for what you normally consider the "artists out there"! This is for each and every one of you. We believe that each of you needs to be celebrated for the art you create each day, the song and dance you create as you maneuver through life each day - hustling kids to and fro, preparing a nice dinner, checking in on a friend or relative, surviving through life's struggles, checking things off your to-do lists.....We will have a variety of workshops and retreats - "She Did it Anyway", "The Decision Maker", "Truth Book", "Soul Restoration", Beginner and Advanced Painting, Flower Arranging, Canning, Jewelry Making, Beginning Sewing, Bible Journaling, Leather Stamping, Writing Workshops and whatever other ideas you can come up with! You will feel right at home and safe in the cozy, nurturing environment we are creating for you! Fresh flowers, shiplap walls, Anthropologie furniture, little white lights, throw pillows and inspirational words all with a magical bohemian feel.

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