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Dead Rabbits + SFK Press

Dead Rabbits Books is a small press based out of New York & Seattle with the mission to publish books that matter in ways that matter. The aim is to make their publishing process as transparent and writer-centric as possible - with a heavy emphasis on the literary community. Having started as a reading series in 2014, Dead Rabbits launched a press in autumn of 2018. Their first title will be out in September 2019. Find out more at:


Based out of Atlanta, SFK Press cultivates diverse voices - literary expressions from Brooklyn’s Williamsburg to Chicago’s Wicker Park. The artist’s path to reach a wider audience is no longer under the exclusive control of corporate gatekeepers that measure acquisitions purely through economic return. Such is the founding premise of SFK Press, whose mission is to publish a million stories speaking to “Y’all Means All”. Find out more at:

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