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Dawn Bennett / Body Healing Power

Body Healing Power, owned by Dawn Bennett, designs events and classes to give you insight into yourself, as well as give you tools to use on your own to supplement your healing process.  We want you to feel strong enough to do emotional work on your own, and trust you WANT to work on yourself to be a better person (whatever that means to you!)  We also aspire for you to trust US enough that you reach out for private sessions when you need support or deeper work.  

Dawn's reflections:

People often ask why I’m passionate about what I do. I believe all of us want to be happy, to experience love, and to feel that life is flowing, even through challenges. As I go through my own healing process with a variety of healers, it becomes clear to me how each one of us is powerful and has the capacity to experience the beauty of life in every moment. We all are meant to shine our power, but often we get restricted by our ego, our fears, the voice of society, and by ideas we adopted when we were young. These things create a mask that prevents our own true being from coming forward in an easy, loving, and Powerful way.

I encourage people to have deep realizations about who they are and how to step into that in an effective way as we use Homeopathy, Emotional Freedom Techniques, and PSYCH-K® to help them shift. I have witnessed people discover how they’ve created their own dis-eases in their bodies through emotional suppression or stress, and heal those things they thought were impossible to change.

Let me know how I can help you.

With love,


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