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Having 17 years of traditional schooling, including a university degree, Mr. Rodriguez was saddened to realize that his traditional schooling did not properly prepare him for success in the professional world.


He gained experience as an English teacher when he followed his desire to explore the world, moving to South Korea to teach at a private school.


With a background in insurance, biotechnology, and business development, he was intrigued by the need for empowered leadership in the educational world. His curiousity led him to inquire into the root causes of the failure of traditional schooling, as well as solutions to the problem. Understand that forcing people to do something against their will is immoral, he began searching for learning models that respect children and provide them a positive learning environment.


His research led to distinct educational solutions, which value and empower the minds of young people, and this led to him starting the Education Options Expo in 2014 to assist parents in their research efforts in order to support the dreams and passions of their children.


Now he is full of hope as he introduces parents to respectful learning models that their children can benefit from today.


Some educational influences include, A.S. Neill, John Taylor Gatto, Jerry Mintz, Ken Robinson, Seth Godin, Robert Kiyosaki, Murrary Rothbard, Charlotte Iserbyt, Les Brown, Jim Rohn, and Gerd Leonhard.


He is currently publishing "The Underground History of American Education" by John Taylor Gatto and has opened a school called Valor Academy that takes an innovative approach to learning.



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