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Darlene Rollins: Spiritual Life Coach: Director of Earthwalk Ways Institute & Retreat

Earthwalk Ways LLC retreat spaces and programs offer nurturing support for the often disrupted and lost connections we have with ourselves, each other, nature, & the living spirit that is within and all around us.


The mission of the Earthwalk Retreat is to offer a beautiful, intimate, natural sanctuary for retreat & sacred refuge to seekers of all paths & walks of life.


Through Earthwalk Ways programs and inner exploration we discover the deep meaning of the events of our lives and become aware of the images and negative interpretations that cause suffering.  This is an important part of our awakening out of our conditioned self and reality into our Real Self and Reality.  



Earthwalk Ways is about the ways that are useful on this soul journey; ways that help us live fully; ways that help us find our way through the challenging moments and chapters of life; ways that help reveal each life as the profound gift and unique creation that it is.  


In supported retreats, ongoing sessions, webinars, workshops and groups, I help you discover your deep capacity for being with life as it is, freeing yourselves from the hard pain of self-judgement, holding and be-holding all your experience with wonder...following and responding to the unseen shaping that is life guiding us through our soul initiation.  


No matter what life is doing... this approach will allow you to navigate the rapids and find the blessing in every moment as you arrive at a deeper calm and greater fulfillment.  


Nature is an ally and teacher in this journey so we learn to pay attention, both contemplatively or mindfully, but also in ceremony and in play.  


I began my own journey very young but had a lot to overcome, so when I found the Pathwork in 1984 at the age of 32 it was a great blessing to finally discover a path that held many understandings I had been seeking.  It helped me make my way through my own tangled inner landscape and it also offered answers to the big questions in life.


I think we need a life giving story for each life and for life itself.  This we feel in the presence of the Sun, the moon and the stars, the earth, the wind and sea, and in the depths of our feelings if we are not too numb, and in map through the inner maze of our fractured and split consciousness.  The later was the Pathwork.


I have continued to use the Pathwork as my ground for all my other many spiritual explorations and I have found great wisdom in all paths.  The Pathwork doesn't say I should only follow one teacher, or one path, but to find the universal truth coming through in unique ways through many teachers and teachings available on this planet today.  


I completed my training to be a Pathwork Helper and Core Engergetics Practioner in 1993 and spent several years in apprenticeship.


As a child I had a very mystical experience of nature and was blessed to live in the wilds of the American West.

This played a great role in my life both in having and losing and regaining this deep rich connection.  From these experiences I developed the work I call Natural Communion which includes Nature Communion (Forest Therapy) sessions and other forms of working with nature.   


There is a current and growing body of research proving the health benefits and stress busting benefits of tuning in to Mother Nature. 


The programs I offer blend Pathwork, Nature Immersion work, music, movement, sensory meditations, singing, breathwork, soul and nature work, natural communion sweat lodges and other forms of journeying into our inner territories.  Hope to see you soon.  


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