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Darlene Rollins: Spiritual Life Coach: Director of Earthwalk Ways Institute & Retreat

Earthwalk Ways LLC retreat spaces and programs offer nurturing support for the often disrupted and tangled connections we have with ourselves, each other, nature, & the living spirit that is within and all around us.


The mission of the Earthwalk Retreat is to offer a beautiful, intimate, natural sanctuary for retreat & sacred refuge to seekers of all paths & walks of life.


The mission of Earthwalk Ways is to provide a beautiful story for each life journey, that reveals each life as the profound gift that it is.  In sdupported retreats, ongoing sessions, webinars, workshops and groups, we discover our deep capacity for being with life as it is, freeing ourselves from the hard pain of judgement, holding and be-holding, learning from the unseen shaping that is life guiding us.  No matter what life is doing... this approach will allow you to navigate the rapids and trecherous waters till you arrive at a deeper calm.  All this is the inner soul territory that we are traveling through and projecting out into the world so we can learn from experience.  This path of self knowlege sets us free.  


I began my own journey very young but had a lot to overcome, so when I found the Pathwork in 1984 it was a great blessing to finally find most of the answers I had been seeking.  I was always wanting to know the big questions in life and why our lives unfold the way they do.


I have continued to use the Pathwork as my ground for all my other many spiritual explorations and I have found great wisdom in all paths.  I love the Pathwork because it doesn't say I should only follow one teacher, but encourages me to find the truth in the many teachers and teachings alive on this planet today.  


I completed my training to be a Pathwork Helper and Core Engergetics Practioner in 1993 and spend several years in apprenticeship but I always knew I wanted to be a Pathwork helper and teacher since first finding the Path.  I like that the creditials really rest on our own spiritual development and inner calling.  


In addition to the Pathwork I have always found in my own journey that nature is a teacher and healer as well and she herself has taught me much of what I know and I know there is so much more there than meets the eye.  Now there is research suggesting the health benefits and stress busting benefits of tuning in to Mother Nature.  I hope we all find our way back to the Garden.  


The programs I offer blend Pathwork, Nature Immersion work, music, movement, sensory meditations, singing, breathwork, soul and nature work, natural communion sweat lodges and other forms of journeying into our inner territories.  Hope to see you soon.  


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