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Darius Funches Productions

Darius Funches, born and raised in the city of Detroit MI. A father to a handsome little boy named Anthony. As an infant Darius's biological mother gave up her parental rights for the betterment of her children. Because of her decision to put her children up for adoption this made Darius and his sister custody of the state. Ultimately, God had a plan for Darius's life, he sent an Angel to be with him and his sister during the process. Soon after, they were adopted together by Teola Funches. Darius grew up in a church called Gods Divine Order of Christian Family Ministries. Not only did he grow up in the house of the Lord but his mother and sister are both the pastors of his church. Yes that's right, Darius is a "Preachers kid." Darius thought that he could hold on to their coattail of prayers but the Bible declares that every man is to work out his own salvation. Darius was on the right path, even going as far as getting saved at the age of 11. Unfortunately, like many of us, Darius was a victim of abuse that caused him to stray off the path of righteousness. His once happy and joyous life became hell, which lead Darius to become a product of his own environment. Funches began inflicting the pain and abuse that was brought upon him onto others. This lead him into a life of untold secrets and shame throughout a major part of his adultolescence. After years of battling his inner demons Darius ultimately said "enough is enough." He immediately dropped to his knees begging God for mercy and forgiveness, asking God for reconciliation with his family. The Lord ultimately heard his cries and delivered His Word through the support of his mother and Pastor. Darius made a vow to God never to step foot into that realm of darkness again. Once Darius was freed, he began living life on a much clearer path. Funches witnessed one of Tyler Perry's first stage productions and was astonished by what he had seen. A sense of comfort and urgency touched his soul. Funches began writing, directing, and producing his own stage plays in middle school. After succesfully producing three hit stage plays at South Middle School Funches' passion for theater took off! His sophmore year in High school he brought another one of his visions to life Titled : " A Black Boy's Notebook" Funches' buddy playwrite became a hit with students and facultie alike. It even captured the attention of one of Canton's newspapers "Patch." The journalist stated that his playwrite "wowed" the audience as well as pointed out issues within the school involving race. The newspaper article compared it to "Brown vs The Board of Education". We have now entered 2018 and God has spoken to Darius yet again to share his trials and tribulations with the world through a stage play titled: " My Testimony: Breaking the Silence." When asked why he wanted to share the skeltons that were once in his closet, Darius stated, " I wanted others to see that even through the darkest moments in our lives, what the enemy meant for our evil, God turned it around to use for our good." Funches also shared that many people suggested he write a book regarding his story; Funches stated, " A book may be in my horizon, but as of now, I will tell my testimony through stage productions because writing plays is sticking true to who I am." Lastly, Darius would like to give a special thanks to his mother Teola Funches, sister/pastor Linda Hayne, sister Star-Lyn Funches, significant other Daijah Jones, and bestfriend/Production Manager Jamie Anderson for the tremendous amount of prayers and support they have given him over the years and have helped make his dreams become a reality!

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