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Dannon YoCream

About Us

YoCream is a world leader in the manufacturer of frozen yogurt for the foodservice industry.  At our state-of-the-art production facility in Portland, Oregon, we manufacture “true” frozen yogurt, which contains the real yogurt that is fermented and cultured on site.  YoCream has pioneered the innovation, production and marketing of frozen yogurt, has opened a flagship frozen yogurt shop in Portland, Oregon, and has taught others to do the same.

Our products are sold to a broad range of foodservice customers including frozen yogurt shops, marquee convenience stores, warehouse stores, quick service restaurants, colleges, healthcare facilities, restaurants, government and military foodservice locations, international restaurants, and neighborhood stores, involving over 240 specialty and full line distributors in the supply chain.

YoCream’s 115,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant is a fully licensed dairy. YoCream pasteurizes under USDA certification and inspection, organic certification, and Kosher certification. The manufacturing plant has three distinct packaging operations—half gallon gable top filler line, aseptic and ESL bag-in-box line, and beverage syrup line—all capable of simultaneous operation. Products can be packaged in a multitude of sizes, styles, and finished casings. The Company has a history of developing great products for the foodservice market and the manufacturing processes are complemented by a fully staffed on-site Research and Development Department.

Company History

The original recipe for frozen yogurt was created by Mama Hanna, who used only the best ingredients and the highest attention to quality. This inspired the Hanna brothers—John, Dave, and Jim—to found International Yogurt Company in 1977. The brothers then franchised The Healthy Deli & Yogurt Stand, a chain of specialty restaurants selling their cultured yogurt. Other restaurant establishments in multiple states began requesting to purchase the frozen yogurt. Though the franchises did well, they were gradually phased out as the Company’s focus shifted to foodservice sales. In 1986, the Company opened a dairy and manufacturing plant in Portland, Oregon to meet the ever-increasing demand for frozen yogurt. After expanding the product line in 1991, the corporate name was changed to YoCream International, Inc. Since then, YoCream has enjoyed steady sales growth both nationally and internationally. The Company expanded its manufacturing facility in 2006 to prepare for the next phase of growth. Increased public awareness of probiotics and the related benefits of yogurt created renewed interest in the frozen yogurt category in 2007. That same year, YoCream was awarded the National Yogurt Association’s approval to display the Live & Active Cultures Seal. As an established leader in the foodservice market, YoCream continues to introduce new and innovative products, improving brand recognition and increasing customer loyalty. In December 2010, YoCream became part of The Dannon Company and Groupe Danone, the largest producer of yogurt in the world.

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