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You could say that I am obsessed with the camera. I always find myself trying to outperform the last shoot. There is not one photo that I can say I'm 100 percent satisfied with because I feel that there is always room for improvement. This leads me to wonder if Rembrandt was ever fulfilled with his last brush stroke as it left the painting. Even though I feel that perfection is only a dream, I still wish for it - and work hard for it. 

The camera has been attached at the hip since I first began shooting manual DSLRs in 2007. Recently, I purchased a full frame sensor camera and invested in prime lenses to let in the fullest natural light possible (or at least within my means). My investment in my photography equipment easily surpasses thousands. It is not my intention to convince you that equipment makes the photographer. Instead, I hope to help potential clients understand that the fees I charge are reflected by my skill, experience, and by my investments to provide the highest possible quality imagery.

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