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Dani Rocco

TV and Documentary Host, POdcast Host, Motivational Speaker, Relationship Expert, Author

Who is Coach Dani?

Marine Mom, Relationship Expert and business owner for teh part 24 years. Dani's passion and mission is traveling the country collecting personal footage and stories from veterans, active miliatary and grassroots nonprofits to give the voice to Veterans to lead other Veterans. She has partnered with Join Our Table Movemnet which bringing therapeutic healing modalities and community  to veterans, active military, first respondersa and their familes.   


Coach Dani's Mission:
Supporting and strengthening the relationships of Military and Veteran families.

SPECIALTIZING in supporting MEN in holding their power from the board room into their personal lives, bringing out their primal state to level up in all aspect of their life.

I create life changing online courses to develop a strong powerful relationship within yourself which then will create strong relationships with others. After applying the strategies you will then dominate in life, love and career. ** With a specialty in Men's Primal State Coaching.

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