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Dalar International Consultancy

Organizations of all kinds are faced with complex challenges in today’s reality of constant and often rapid change. Learning to thrive in constant change is critical. Even extraordinary leaders can benefit from the help of business consultants from time to time as they figure out responses to new challenges. With dedicated service to extraordinary leaders and their organizations, Dalar International Consultancy is a values-led business consulting team.

Birgitt Williams, Ward Williams, and Rachel Bolton, co-founders of the Genuine Contact™ program, and their Dalar team provide trainings in both online and face to face environments, including ‘in-house trainings’ to benefit intact work teams in a company to develop their skills, competencies, and capacity in working the Genuine Contact way. This training includes taking some of the participants through all modules to become authorized trainers of the Genuine Contact™ program ensuring that subsequent trainings can be conducted by personnel inside of the company. The Genuine Contact way is a synergistically blended holistic set of processes that addresses and resolves most challenges that organizations are facing, in these rapidly changing times, by building core capacities and enhancing.  communication skills. Using a truly results-based approach.

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