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Dahoam1516 is a not a restaurant.

We are a private social club and school operating a unique venue including a Bauerküche, private-label Brewhouse (HBH), Bier- & Hopfgarten, and many cozy outdoor social areas...Gemütlichkeit included.

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We offer small-format classes in home brewing and cooking with a focus on small-batch recipes and hearty Bavarian fare. We keep things simple, teach you the basics, and actually get you hands-on, so you can do this yourself at home later.


We also offer select social events at our unique event space several times a year.


Our classes are also available in a "we come to you" format for small groups. Great for an office teambuilding event or a unique extended family gathering. And our event space is available for rent for your special event.


All classes are in English. Bavarian and German speaking is encouraged during social hours.

Our website:

Club Classes & Events: Facebook / Instagram / Meetup - Dahoam1516
Private Classes & Events:

We card because we care and require positive age verification (21+).

Sorry, there are no upcoming events